PDP, party of pathological liars — Olatunbosun


By Rotimi Ojomoyela

Your party has been described as a house of liars and covenant breakers, what is your take on this?

It is like the kettle calling pot black, let me say quickly, who is more noted for lying is it PDP or APC. PDP is a lying party, it is a party of pathological liars. Let me cite example of what I’m saying, sometimes ago, Mr Fayose went to China, using our money, he pretended as if he was addressing people at an economic submit, whereas ýhe was just at a train station. That was terrible.


At some point, he said President Buhari was brain dead, at a point Fayose denied ever taking loans, but the DMO office expose his cheap lies of about N60 billion that has been taken in the last three years. And in the payment of workers salaries, Fayose was always saying that he didn’t owe workers, until the workers themselves started talking. Fayose said he’s…

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