Great sex: does size really matter? (2)


By Yetunde Arebi

Last week, I promised to give you a peep into my mail box to share with you some of the views of my readers on the subject of discourse. Feel free to send in your own contribution too, if you so please, to the above mail address. Do have a wonderful weekend!!

*Dear readers, please note that you can remain anonymous (your identity will not be published) like some of the contributors mentioned below if you so desire. Just share your views on the topic with us. Thanks.

Hi Yetunde,

I want to thank you for bringing up this topic. In as much as we try to avoid discussing sensitive matters like this, truth must be told.

I think that women should be the best judges on this and not men. Men who think the size of their organs do not matter should have a re-think. As a lady, I strongly believe that size matters in a relationship or marriage. This is because, how can a man…

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