Dancing in the wind


By Chioma Gabriel

It is often said that to stumble twice over the same stone is a proverbial disgrace. Nigeria is on the march again: walking familiar paths, hearing familiar lies and stumbling on the same stone over and over again. We have started seeing familiar faces telling similar lies and as usual, we have started believing the lies, allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by the people who looted our treasury and celebrating them as heroes of democracy.

They have started coming together again and Nigerians are once again singing their praises, massaging their vain egos while they keep battering our psyche.

Can somebody tell me what is functional in Nigeria today? Family life? Power supply? National security? Or what? Siblings are fighting and destroying each other. Imagine how a musical brand like P-Square tore each other apart, jettisoned its super-stardom status to become…

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