7.5m Nigerians jobless since 2016 – NBS


By Emmanuel Elebeke
About 7.5 million Nigerians were doing nothing between January 2016 and December 30, 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics has revealed.

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This was disclosed by NBS in its “Labour Force Statistics Vol. 2: Employment by Sector Report,” released on Sunday in Abuja.

The report shows that 77.55 million of country’s labour population of 85.1 million
were engaged in some sort of economic activity for at least an hour a week; (8.46 million-1-19 hours; 18.02 million-20-39 hours; 51.06million-above 40 hours), as reflected in the third quarter of 2017 (Q3), while 7.53 million were doing absolutely nothing.

The NBS report further shows that among the 77.55 million labor population who were engaged in some extent of economic activity, 38.24% of them or 29.66 million were self-employed…

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