Are govs right in rejecting cattle colonies?


By Bose Adelaja, Bartholomew Madukwe & Fredrick Okopie

Prof. Tahir Mamman, SAN, Immediate past Director-General of Nigerian Law School. 

Governments at all levels spend hundreds of billions on infrastructure, teachers, research and other support services to train students and manpower most of whom go into private sector. Even those in government services are still paid through salaries even though most of the training were provided and paid for by the government. Similarly, the Law School which every lawyer must attend is wholly provided for by the government.

Students pay a fraction of service charges only. Where do lawyers go to after such lavish government expenditures on their training? Most go into private jobs and in a lot of cases, charge government ridiculous, extortionist fees when their services are called for by same government that trained them.

For me, any lawyer…

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