Solar energy generation key to addressing fuel, epileptic electricity — Don


A Don, Prof. Adenike Boyo, on Wednesday said a shift from petroleum and other forms of energy generation to solar would address the menace of epileptic fuel and power supply in Nigeria.

Solar power plant

Boyo, a Professor of Physics, made the assertion while speaking with newsmen on the sidelines of the 65th Inaugural lecture of the Lagos State University (LASU), titled: “The Burning and Shining Light’’.

According to her, this is because Nigeria receives an average of 1,831.06TWh of solar energy annually from the sun which is equivalent to about 1.082 million tons of oil.

“This is about 4,000 times the current crude oil production per day and also about 13,000 times of daily natural gas production based on energy unit,’’ she said.

Boyo added that facts and figures indicate that the potential to generate significant amount of electrical energy from solar energy was…

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