Getting Buisness Loans from the Banks (6) Diamond Bank


We continue this series on Diamond Bank’s offers for small businesses which we started last week.

We had noted that Diamond Bank has about four variants of packages for small businesses, which they refer to as ‘Emerging Businesses’. They include Emerging Businesses Revolving Loan,  Emerging Businesses Instalment Loan and Emerging Businesses Development Fund. We also noted that they have two other packages, Overdraft and LPO Finance, which are related to credit for small businesses.

In the last publication we began discussion on the  Emerging Businesses Revolving Loan, the purpose and some basic features, as well as some basic requirements for processing your loan application.

To begin the processing of the loan you need to do a letter of application introducing your business and stating what the loan is meant for.

You will also attach the resolution of your company’s…

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