Open Letter to PDP


By Delan Emelumba

Ordinarily this letter should have been addressed to the National Chairman of PDP, Uche Secondus. But am not doing so because my message or appeal is for every member of PDP, particularly those who wish the party well.


Let me begin by recalling that this same time in 2015, which was also shortly after the National Convention of the PDP, I was inspired to write an article titled “Will PDP survive 2015?”. The kernel of my submission then was that PDP manifestly lacked internal democracy and that it was difficult, if not impossible, for it to give what it did not have. I mentioned that a political party seeking power to rule Nigeria democratically, but could not practice the same democratic principle internally, was bound to fail,because the citizens will be hard put to trust it with democratic governance. Impunity and imposition were the order of the…

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