I don’t cheat in relationships, so why won’t my man have access to my phone — Olive Utalor



In the world we live in today, our cell phones have become essential features in  our lives because they house very essential information and for some people their secrets. While it is said that in a relationship, the partner that has nothing to hide tends to be free with their phones, the ones with secrets do otherwise.

Olive Utalor

In a one-on-one chat  with Potpourri, Nollywood actress, Olive Utalor, says she would genuinely swap her phone with her partner for a day because she is a sincere and faithful person.

“Excellently, yes. We are talking about my spouse here; a spouse could be my husband or someone I’m in  a serious relationship with. The idea of exchanging phones with my partner is certainly  a wonderful idea.

“I have always been a sincere and down to earth person, as long as I am not cheating and I don’t have webs of skeletons in my…

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