‘There’s a rat trap in Nigeria’


By Oboh Agbonkhese

Bishop Sunday Onuoha of Nigeria Inter-Faith Action Association has said there is a rat trap in the country, which can make it descend into chaos.

He spoke at the Commonwealth Businesswomen, CBW, Nigeria Prayer Summit, organised by the Chairman/CEO, Mrs Afoma Adigwe, in Lagos, Bishop Onuoha made an allegory:

The night a man brought his new bride home, a rat ate her toes till she bled.

The next morning, the badly shaken husband bought a rat trap and set it in their bedroom. When the rat came that night, it couldn’t feast on the bride.

At dawn, the rat went to the cock and narrated the trap trouble, urging the cock to help in finding a solution. The cock said “It is a rat trap. So what is a cock’s business?”

The rat went to the goat for help. But the goat said “I am too big for a rat trap to trouble.” The rat then went to the cow, who laughed heartily…

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