The contribution of indigenous operators to sustainable development and economic growth


By Adebisi Odukoya
and Gas companies over the years have been accused of either evading taxes or shortchanging the government in paying the accurate taxes and levies. Though most of these accusations are not backed by empirical evidence indicting these companies, their case is not helped by the fact that the revenue from the oil and gas industry has not been able to meet the numerous needs of Nigeria as a country.

FG others gets N7tn in 11 months

Quite unfortunately, the oil and gas companies now appear to be the scapegoats responsible for the nation’s economic woes. This perception has gradually gained currency and acceptance across the populace. But a critical look at the books of some of these companies, especially the indigenous operators, show the opposite has been the case.

Indigenous oil and gas

For example, Oriental Energy Resources, one of the most successful…

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