Wisdom House partners Africunia, O-Mobile on higher education loan


By Dayo Adesulu

Nigerian students wishing to study in foreign countries have been given a boost as a new education finance scheme has been introduced into the country by Wisdom House College, Africunia Limited and O-Mobile Multimedia Services Limited.

Wisdom House is a sixth form and university preparatory college, while O-mobile is a technology and finance firm.

Under the scheme, a credit facility of maximum one million naira (N1m) will be available to students who wish to study abroad through advanced level and university preparation programmes of Wisdom House College.

According to the Executive Director of Wisdom House College, Mr. Abidemi Oyeniran, the idea behind the scheme is to open up access to more Nigerian students who intend studying abroad but have temporal financial challenges to overcome such difficulties and thereby fulfill their dreams. He explained that under the…

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