Resist what can mortgage your future, Salis tells students


Lagos—High Chief   Owolabi Salis has told students to resist any form of politicking that will mortgage their future, stressing the need to change a system that enslaves the majority for the benefit of a few.

Salis, Lagos State governorship candidate of Alliance for Democracy, AD, gave the charge as keynote speaker at a one-day conference by National Union of Lagos State Students in conjunction with Nigerian Youths Movement Lagos State, the Federal College of Education, Technical, Akoka, Lagos.


Speaking on Vote Buying and Graduate Students’ Destiny, Salis said: “A system that does not allow graduates occupy offices where they can use their skills effectively, but ensure only the children of the elites get good jobs is slavery.

“Vote buying is one of the tools of such a system and so you must do everything legal to resist such a system, otherwise you will end up as…

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