9th National Assembly:  PDP schemes for secret voting to gain control


By Yinka Ajayi

With the involvement of a dozen chieftains, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senators-elect may have launched a two-pronged plan to wrestle the leadership of the National Assembly from the All Progressives Congress (APC) through the use of secret voting, setting the stage for an epic battle on the day of inauguration of the 9th session in June.

Although elections into the Senate presidency and the speakership of the House of Representatives are due early in June, APC sources said the two camps are preparing for the day, claiming that PDP “is already laying political landmines in the path of APC – the latter clinched majority of seats in the last elections – in order to have the legislative gavel by proxy.”

According to sources, while the opposition party cannot reinvent the wheel in terms of the colouration of the legislature during the 9th session of the National Assembly, it is allegedly trying to foist on the party with the majority, the Senate in…

Vanguard Newspaper

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