Cyber-criminals have developed more sophisticated techniques, experts warns


Lagos – Some experts on Tuesday urged Nigerians and organisations to take proactive approach toward tackling the issue of cybercrime.

They made their views known during a workshop on ‘Enterprise Security Challenges’ held at Victoria Island, organised by ITANDT Solutions Ltd.

The workshop was aimed at educating people on the latest security threats and how to tackle them.

Mr Akpos Okoro, the Chief Executive Officer of ITANDT Solutions Ltd., said that technology revolution had changed the way things are done, and also presented risks for employees, citizens and businesses.

Okoro noted that there was no such thing as perfect security, but a pragmatic approach was necessary to solve the issues of cybercrime.

“Cyber-criminals have developed more sophisticated techniques to breach security, so it is therefore necessary for organisations to also upgrade their techniques.

“Organisations should not build prisons around themselves because of cyber criminals but work with…

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