For local development, put pressure on state governors not just the President


By Tabia Princewill

ISN’T it interesting that those whose stock in trade for the greater part of our history has been to nurture and encourage the conditions favourable to poverty, illiteracy and violence, act as if the killings and insecurity in Nigeria appeared overnight? To score cheap political points, various actors bemoan insecurity in Nigeria while ignoring the part their combined inaction has played, thus enabling the current situation.

Over the past 30 years, Nigerians generally watched the destruction of the public institutions which are supposed to guarantee every citizen a certain standard or quality of life.

Without healthcare, education, running water and other services, combined with the mismanagement and outright looting of the ecological funds meant to combat desertification, what exactly did we think would happen when an entire generation came of age without access to the services today’s politicians received for free as children?

Today’s crop of leaders…

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