Dumping of refuse endangers aquatic animals


Mr Mohammed Zakari, an environmentalist, on Friday called for more enlightenment of residents on dangers of dumping refuse in rivers.

Zakari, who is the Director, African Climate Reporters made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna, said that dumping of refuse in rivers “is endangering aquatic animals’’.

According to him, water pollution is getting worse daily due to lack of awareness to the public on the dangers of throwing all sorts of refuse into Rivers, ponds and small lakes.

He said that human attitudes of dumping all sorts of trash, hazardous chemical and other poisonous waste into rivers were causing serious threats to the existence of aquatics animals and human being.

He said that serious water pollution in certain areas, can destroy the soil, kill plants, animals, fish, and even insects.

“Fish that live in polluted water source die off quickly, which in turn causes the death of animals that eat those fish for…

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