Deepening local content access in Nigeria



With the television broadcast industry undergoing a transition from analogue television to the initial test-running of digital television (DTT) in 1998, there was a huge expectation globally that a more refined digital television would be within the reach of all and sundry. Pay television service-via satellite- had, a few years before, debuted in Nigeria and had introduced to the public a new television viewing experience marked by top-class programming and considerably better audio-visual quality than what they were used to.

However, access to satellite television service was restricted, as many found it less than affordable, forcing them to depend on public broadcasters to provide television service, which was routinely susceptible to variations from either the amplitude or frequency of the analogue signals transmitted, thereby making viewing largely unpleasant for many.

But all that changed in 2011 with the launch of GOtv in Ibadan, the birthplace of…

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