With Love From Homeland to A New Home


By Morak Babajide-Alabi

This is the first in a series of articles I have done on emigration (immigration), racism and life in the diaspora. Some of these topics are written on my own personal experiences, supported where necessary with events witnessed or told to me by those concerned. My aim is to draw attention to certain issues that majority of us in the diaspora go through, the fun and the silent tears. I hope you find them entertaining and educative.

Arriving at the Heathrow Airport, London as a first-time traveller to the United Kingdom, in October 2003, was a bag of mixed emotions for me. Immediately I stepped off the plane, as a Nigerian Christian, I muttered a few prayer points that this new land shall favour me and yield me good fruits.  I said “amen” but didn’t know I was loud enough for the white man walking next to me to take a glance. I smiled at him, but he instantly looked away and quickened his pace. He must have thought to himself: “Another crazy one…

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