Women who con men into fathering their children


Women today are used to getting what they want.  They believe that having it all is their right, not a privilege.  “Women no longer think merely being married to their work is in any way satisfactory. Life without a child is seen as a failure”.  An older friend, Dolapo made this observation when we discussed desperate measures some professional women take to get pregnant.  It’s not that they can’t.  By the time they chase a profession,  make the right connection and have the financial success they crave, most of the eligible men are taken. The ones that aren’t are not exactly enamoured by the prospect of the patter of tiny feet either because they’ve had enough kids – or are just having a fling.

Ibukun was in her mid-thirties when she met Pete – just over 40.  “Pete was married with two children under 10”, Ibukun said, “and he wasn’t exactly unknown when I ran into him at a friend’s place.  We both went to the same university but we weren’t…

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