Court orders woman to pay back N50, 000 bride price


A Gudu Grade I Area Court in Abuja, on Tuesday, ordered one Fatima Haruna to pay her estranged husband, Ismail Yusuf, N50, 000 bride price.

court, Lagos

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The petitioner had filed a case against Yusuf on the basis of ‘Khul’, (also called Khula, which is a procedure through which a woman can divorce her husband in Islam, by returning the dowery).

The Judge, Ado Muktar, terminated the six-year –old marriage as stipulated by Islamic law, saying: “the couple are finding it difficult to live together and should not be forced to stay together.

”Since the petitioner has agreed to pay back the dowry and the respondent has agreed to accept it, the marriage is hereby dissolved according to Islamic law and certificate of divorce will be issued accordingly.”

“I hereby order Fatima to pay the sum of N50, 000 as dowry” he said.

Yusuf, while testifying in court, demanded that Fatima should pay him N1…

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