Emefiele : A choice for continuity and strategic growth


By Senator Adesoji Akanbi

President Muham-madu Buhari’s reappointment of Godwin Emefiele as Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN governor has been hotly debated since the news of the decision broke. It has pitched Nigerians on a variety of opposing sides of arguments with some believing above other things that President Buhari has cemented the broken conscience of Nigeria to remain united.

Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr Godwin Emefiele

Those of us in the Senate knew all eyes were on our committee saddled with the responsibility to either approve or reject the President’s decision. Our committee met with Emefiele on Wednesday, May 15 and all members of the panel cleared him for reappointment. As a member of the committee, I cannot deny that there was some pressure.

But since the news broke that Emefiele would be in charge for another five years, my role and that of other members of my committee seem to have suddenly become one that needs some explaining. So, let me break…

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