The necessity of peace in a leaderless world


By Patrick Dele Cole

WHAT is the price for right wing extremism and nascent nationalism? This seems to be the hottest item in politics in the United States, Europe and some parts of Africa and Asia. What is really behind the fight? All these countries have problems and frequently go to war or threaten war. Some of the problems are religious – such as Islamic fundamentalism which preaches fatwa and the killing of non- Moslems. Others are ethnic – neighbours behaving badly and hating each other: Greece, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Turkey and the Kurds, Scotland and England.


Others have doctrinal issues or land claims – India, Pakistan and Kashmir; others want to remove a dictatorial leader – Syria; still others have a long history of antipathy resulting from the Cold War – United States and Cuba, United States and Chile, Nicaragua, Honduras;  United States and Venezuela; North and South Korea; Russia and Ukraine. Some are drug producing states – Afghanistan,…

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