Patito’s Gang, the risks and close brushes with death


Pat Utomi explained the philosophy behind his creation of the erstwhile popular Patito’s Gang, a TV program on NTA which many Nigerians looked forward to. Today, he tells the challenges he encountered keeping the incisive program on air, the risks he took, and many close brushes he had with death:

Pat Utomi

HOW to create a new moral tribe of citizens with a social and political consciousness of the freeborn, in human solidarity and encouraging of the work ethic, the spirit of enterprise and the principle of subsidiarity or the decentralization of authority to levels closest to the people would be a two-decade enterprise I would persevere on.

The Delta decision was in some ways a chance to give teeth to ideas. But the trouble with the hijack of politics by people who close out the democratic process through political party control is that the issues had to be submerged below the process, which they forge and form as they go along.

Today it will be Direct Primaries,…

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