The most mistake you can make is play at matchmaking!


Bunmi Sofola

A few years back, a group of my friends resolved to resort to subtle matchmaking between our fast growing kids so we could at least have an input in the success of their marriage. The success we’ve had so far is not very encouraging. When it comes to romance, these youngsters know what they want and no subtle or outright hints, contrary to their wish, would shift them. Still, there’s no harm in trying. And when Gemima, a friend’s first daughter came back from the States a couple of years back, our match-making instinct became sharpened. She’d just finished her masters degree and had succumbed to her mum’s insistence she should come home and get her Youth Service out of the way.


Gemima protested she didn’t need to, as she meant to go into private business right away.  But Fade ‘our friend’, talked her into changing her mind in case she had the prospect of a political appointment in future. Her ambition wouldn’t be flawed by a simple thing like…

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