A letter to Emeka Ihedioha (4)


Obi Nwakanma

Dear Emeka, the Imo State University system with its four independent universities running full courses can be self-sustaining, and will have more than enough subscription. Imo students and parents have always looked for the best in their quest for education. A well-built university system can attract a vast number of young Imo, at home and abroad, to seek first rate tertiary education in Imo state. In fact, if well positioned, and with the right infrastructure, Imo state could become the hub, or the go-to place for education on the African continent. Since education has long been Imo’s first industry, it must leverage its advantage, and secure its place as that place where students from anywhere in the world can get proper higher education, under a properly organized higher education system.

A Directorate of Higher Education must, including the Directorate for Secondary Education, Directorate for Primary and Early Childhood Education, Directorate for Science and…

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