For Theresa May, BREXIT Means Job Exit


Morak Babajide-Alabi

When Theresa May announced her resignation as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Friday, it did not come as a surprise. The world had waited for nearly three years Premiership to hear this.

In July 2016, when the Prime Minister took over the rein of the leadership of the Conservative, no one could guess the thoughts of her mind.  She gleefully delivered her acceptance speech. Smiling from one cheek to the other, May accepted this responsibility, which additionally came with a burden of leading her beloved country out of the continental European Union. The first Prime Minister to be in a position to plan the country’s exit from the EU.

She probably had thought it would be an easy walk in the park. Her meritorious history-making tenure as the longest serving Home Secretary must have given her the confidence to think she could take on the new role. Give it to her she left big shoes to fill up as a two-term Home Secretary. May was a no-nonsense…

Vanguard Newspaper