The complicity of those who do nothing


Pat Utomi told sordid tales about the weird and fetish lifestyles of our politicians and how those lifestyles negatively affect our own lives. Today, he takes to the cleaners religious leaders and institutions, intellectuals, business communities, student bodies, and young people who stand aside and look and do nothing while criminals in the cloak of politicians have field days.

The Complicit Middle

WHEN the roll call for the blame on how the promise of Nigeria was squandered comes up, the fault will not be limited to the tropical gangsters and other champions of state capture. The shame cards will also go to the intellectuals that forgot the duty that comes with what James Macgregor Bums calls, moral authority which in turn comes with the role of the intellectual in leadership.

Blame will also surely go to the students who have stopped being the conscience of society as their protest culture used to make them. Same will go to religious leaders who have neither spoken truth to…

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