Awoism and the unending search for transformational leadership in Nigeria: Challenges (6)


By Afe Babalola

The desirability of single six-year tenures for the office of the President and Governors

THE Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as Amended) limits the period which any individual can serve as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to two terms of four years each. It is not in dispute that the just concluded elections at the state and Federal levels generated immense interest and palpable tension in the country and consumed unimaginable amount of Naira and Dollar. Many Governors right from the date of their swearing-in began planning for their re-election. As the period for selection of candidates by political parties, as stipulated by the Electoral Act, drew nearer activities in several states came to a halt as many state functionaries, including commissioners and ministers at the Federal level became engrossed with issues pertaining to the elections. Members of the National Assembly were at a point all busy in their respective…

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