Angst against a rising dynasty in Abia State


By Uzoma Ozoemena

There is palpable fear in Abia state and that fear is justified, given the activities of some politicians bent on not only foisting their authorities like a colossus on the people but controlling the entire political structures of the state.

Their intention is to pocket the whole of Abia for their command and control. In fact, the race is to make Abia their empire. The move began in 2007 when they strolled into the political space like thieves in the night. Today, their fangs are clawing deeper than imagined, casting a blistering spell with unfathomable implications for a state, proudly cherished and referred to as ‘God’s own State’.

As humans, life they say, are pages of many colours, painted in phases. In our struggles to succeed, we often face the good, the bad and the ugly; within a competitive space fraught with luck or bad luck.  Nations pass through these vicissitudes. For Abia State, it’s been like a fireball of bad luck all through, triggered…

Vanguard Newspaper