Ihedioha: A dream come true


EMEKA Ihedioha will take the oath of office as the sixth democratically elected Governor of Imo State on Wednesday, May 29, a dream come true both for himself and for Imolites who have suffered for long. Expectations are high, from the ruling class and from the masses.

Ihedioha , Pressure
Imo governor-elect Emeka Ihedioha

Imo presently plumbs the depths of despair and mediocrity. Governor Rochas Okorocha threw to the dogs due process and the rule of law, the cornerstones of good governance, and elevated insouciance to an art. That was to be expected, though, from a man who declared from the outset that: “I do not believe in the use of files or in due process. Due process is due to corruption; whenever I wake up, I move where my mind directs me.”

The consequence of such a buccaneering disposition to governance is predictable. IMO is a wasteland, literally; a devastated, barely inhabitable place, so much so that living in the state dehydrates spiritually and emotionally.

Eze Madumere, Deputy…

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