Is Buhari poorer four years after?


By Banji Ojewale

A new race of men is springing up to govern the nation; they are the hunters after popularity, men ambitious…the demagogues, whose principles hang laxly upon them, who follow not so much what is right as what leads to a temporary vulgar applause

Joseph Story (1779-1845), American Judge

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has offered the ‘ideal’ measuring rod to assess him and other public officers while serving the people or when out of office. We don’t need to consult any arcane research or some tongue-twisting grammatical construction to guide us to determine whether outgoing executives have fared well or underperformed.


All we should do is to consider the body optics: has the office holder lost weight or gained extra flesh? A little bit of extrapolation: Is the departing fellow poorer or richer?

If he is still in office, do his airs suggest he is on the route to earning a mention in the club reserved for the likes of Aliko Dangote? What’s his…

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