Agenda for Buhari’s second term


AS President Muhammadu Buhari and the various elected or re-elected governors of 29 states begin their tenures of office, we wish to put on their tables the most pressing issues they should give utmost priority to pull Nigeria back from increasing cases of insecurity, economic doldrums and other social problems plaguing the country.

In 2015, Buhari correctly surmised the pressing needs of the nation which he made his priority: the Economy, Security and Anti-Corruption. Four years after, the list has lengthened somewhat. A fourth item – Equity – has not only crept into the list but also demands to be accorded the number one priority.

Happily, of these four items, Equity can quickly be attained, with the appropriate political will, at the outset and sustained throughout the tenure. The visionary authors of our 1999 Constitution, who strongly espoused firm adherence to the Federal Character principle in the distribution of public offices to prevent sectional domination argued…

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