Broadcast Regulator V Africa Independent Television (AIT)


Tonnie Iredia

In the last couple of days, Nigerians were treated to a battle of words between the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), which is Nigeria’s broadcast regulator and one of the nation’s foremost broadcast stations – the Africa Independent Television (AIT) and its sister radio station, referred to simply in this article as AIT. Three days ago, the regulator acting within its statutory powers suspended the AIT on grounds of breach of the broadcasting code. In a media conference, the Director General of the NBC, Ishaq Modibo Kawu, listed the many alleged breaches of the AIT which in broadcast parlance, would pass for mortal sins of the industry. Based on that, some analysts may have concluded that AIT was guilty as charged and deserved to be sanctioned. But the case is not that simplistic as it draws attention to larger issues in our broadcast landscape which we have to resolve.

In our new age of technology, Nigeria must begin to act swiftly in line with global…

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