Nigeria lost it from lack of focus and oil money – Mrs Phil Okoroafor


By Ebele Orakpo

Mrs Phil Biobele Okoroafor is the CEO of Marvel Matrix, an event planning outfit based in Abuja. She started event planning in 1996. She said the advantage of being an event planner is that you get to work with a diverse group of people, especially if you are into corporate events. In this chat with Vanguard, the graduate of Industrial Chemistry from the University of Port Harcourt says that one of the worst things to happen to Nigeria is the monthly allocation that governors come to Abuja to collect.


Phil Okoroafor
•Mrs Phil Okoroafor…Some see holding our leaders accountable as waste of time, they are not ready to fight for their rights.

What was it like growing up in Nigeria?

While growing up, we had a very strong family structure, we had security; there was no much difference between public and private schools; there were standards that were fairly balanced across board. We had state and federal  schools, we had the Universal Primary Education, UPE, and not…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper