No intimidation will stop us from practising our religion, IMN dares FG


The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) says the federal government cannot stop the group from practising its religion.

Abdullahi Musa, IMN secretary said: “Everybody is aware of their moves. All they want is to suppress the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) just to please Saudi Arabia. They want to kill Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky and silence all of us,”


“When they were killing us, they didn’t get any court order. Now, they are talking of court order, does Buhari obey court orders?”

“I don’t think any court has the right to ban any religious group. The Islamic movement in Nigeria is not an organisation registered under the government, it is a religious group. Are they trying to stop us from saying our daily prayers?” he asked.

“Do they want to stop us from participating in our Christian neighbour activities? Do they want to stop us from going to Mecca? The issue is that they have been killing and they want to continue the killings, they should go ahead with their…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper