Sufficient to build 100 hospitals, 40 schools, Nigerians react


By Temisan Amoye, Lagos

The Special Adviser to the President on Social Investment Programme, Mrs Maryam Uwais, while delivering an address at a training for illicit funds on Monday, said the President Buhari-led administration has released the Abacha loot and other credits and grants by International Development Association towards the Social Investment Programme, designed to address the plight of poor and vulnerable Nigerians

Gen. Sani Abacha

Mrs. Maryam Uwais said from August 2018 to the October payment cycle, the total amount released from the Abacha loot was $76,538,530 and $27,099,028 from the IDA credit. The amounts sum up to $103,637,558 and a whopping N37.3 billion when converted to Naira ( at the rate of N360 to the dollar).

She said the funds were specifically being disbursed to beneficiaries of the Cash Transfer Programme, a component of the National Social Investment Programme. The beneficiaries were gotten from a National Social Register, collated by the National…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper