Nigerian school curriculum not in tune with 21st Century challenges — AHI


By Gabriel Olawale


The Co-Founder and Director, Action The Co-Founder and Director, Action Health Incorporated, Uwemedimo Esiet, has expressed concern over the inability of the Nigerian school curriculum to meet up with the changing requirements of the 21st Century contemporary job market.

Esiet, who spoke at the 26th Annual Teenage Festival of Life organized by AHI in partnership with Lagos State government, said that some of the skills required to create jobs or stay relevant globally were not being  taught in higher institutions.

“Take for instance, industry like animation or artificial intelligent can absorb a lot of unemployed youths if they are skilles in that area. But tell me how many higher institutions in Nigeria are offering courses in that area? Our school system is not responding to some of these challenges.

“We need to challenge ourselves as a nation and people, if we say democracy is government of the people for the people, then Nigerians have the right…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper