APC has not been fair to Edo state


Breaking: APC postpones NEC meeting

By Tonnie Anele

In 2016, many Edo citizens had misgivings about the conduct of the governorship elections which led to the declaration of Godwin Obaseki as Governor of the state. But having gone through all the processes including the segment on the settlement of election disputes, it became expedient for us as good followers of democracy not only to accept him but also to support him to give us good governance. Luckily, Obaseki’s take-off point, his style on policy formulation and implementation, as well as his commitment to the strengthening of societal institutions, showed that the new governor was development-oriented. Those of us outside the state were inundated with eyewitness accounts by our kith and kin on how virtually everything was progressing at home. Particularly noteworthy was the change from the old cosmetic order of executing only 2 projects and publicizing them for as many as 20 times. Thus, the title ‘wake and see’ governor naturally evolved as a…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper