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Obasanjo at 83 and the metaphor of the mystical elephant

By Yinka Odumakin

…Continued from last week

I DO know and appreciate that many Nigerians have made and are making sacrifices for this country. But let me, as an individual who has made some sacrifice for Nigeria and who will make more if required for the unity, equity, development and progress of Nigeria, say here and now and for avoidance of doubt that no individual Nigerian, tribe, ethnic group, community, religious group, social group or any other Nigerian group for that matter should be seen, identified, treated, called, stigmatised as slave or inferior to other or others and to be exploited, oppressed, discriminated against and/or dominated.

Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians on the basis of freedom, equality, equity, justice, fairness, peace, security, cooperation, mutual dignity, respect, shared values and shared prosperity. If these factors are removed, Nigeria falls to pieces. But for now, we can still make hay while the sun shines. While the unity and integrity of…

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