Much ado about national security adviser (4)


Security, national security adviser

By Eric Teniola

THE same Sir Darroch is the one involved recently with President Donald trump in diplomatic row as Britain’s ambassador to the United States.

On India, the National Security Advisor, NSA, is tasked with regularly advising the prime minister on all matters relating to internal and external threats to the country, and oversees strategic issues. The NSA of India also serves as the prime minister’s special interlocutor on border issues with China, and frequently accompanies the prime minister on foreign state visits.

The following have served as national security advisors in India. They are Brajesh Mishra (November 1998-May 2004), J.N. Dixit (May 2004-January 2005), M.K. Narayanan (January 2005- January 2010), Shivshankar Menon (January 2010-May 2014) and Ajit Doval (May 2014, incumbent).They are all civil servants or diplomats.

Among the national security advisers in USA only seven were Generals. Since 1953 the national security advisers are Robert Cutler…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper