COVID-19, 5G MIX-UP: Why Nigerians are worried


EXPLAINED: NCC clears doubts over 5G, COVID-19 and Security

By Prince Osuagwu, Hi-Tech Editor

Electromagnetic radiation is the new buzz word. Naturally, any mention of ‘radiation’ alarms a random person. It is apparently on this basis a wide claim that the rampaging Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, has a root in radiations emitting from 5G facilities like base stations and masts has caught the world in awe.

While the world is battling to contain the deadly pandemic which has changed not only the world health, but economic order, a deadly allegation that the fifth-generation network, 5G is behind its spread is brought into the mix, sending wrong signals to both countries that have deployed the revolutionary technology and those striving to do so.

The claims are seriously making the rounds and with social media heightening the effects, a lot of people across the world including Nigerians are worried.

The claims are that the virus started in a 5G smart city in China. It was reported that the first case happened exactly the day…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper