Vanguard News – COVID-19 ‘ll worsen poverty, unemployment, ILO warns


COVID-19 'll worsen poverty, unemployment, ILO warns

By Ahiuma Young

INTERNATIONAL Labour Organisation, ILO, has warned that the coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic will worsen poverty, inequality and employment crisis globally.

ILO’s Chief Economist, Patrick Belser, in a document released in Geneva, Switzerland, noted that  in many countries, income inequality had risen steeply since the 1980s, with adverse social and economic consequences.

According to him, “the COVID-19 pandemic now cruelly highlights those inequalities – from catching the virus, to staying alive, to coping with its dramatic economic consequences.

Some groups, such as migrant workers and workers in the informal economy, are particularly affected by the economic consequences of the virus. And women, who are over-represented in the public health sector, are particularly exposed.

“High levels of poverty, informality and unprotected jobs also make it more difficult to contain the virus. Policy responses must ensure that support reaches the workers and…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper