Rights activist makes plea for female prisoners


COVID-19: Rights activist makes plea for female prisoners

By Joseph Erunke – Abuja

Following the federal government’s pardon to 2, 600 custodial inmates in a bid to stem the spread of coronavirus, a gender-focused group, Proactive Gender Initiative (PGI), has called for a pardon for women in custody especially pregnant, nursing mothers and those awaiting trial.

National coordinator of PGI, Bar. Esther Uzoma, speaking in Abuja on Friday, said it has become urgent and imperative for the federal government to balance its prerogative of mercy as it seeks to decongest custodial centers across the country.

Uzoma, while applauding the FG’s gesture, stressed that for the measure to be far-reaching and inclusive, female inmates should be given first consideration as they are mostly affected dire situations such as the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is worthy of commendation that the federal government has granted pardon to about 2, 600 custodial inmates. But it is important that something far-reaching and enduring is done at a time such…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper