The cost of reopening schools in the pandemic  (III)


By Asawo Ibifuro

Although this discussion is focused on Nigeria and Africa, it has a global appeal as the pandemic and its effect is global. Looking at China, South Korea and Israel who tried to reopen their schools, amidst tight resumption protocols, it was observed that these countries went into another wave of increase in infection which has forced them to close schools.

As we all know, one of the major goals for education administrators is to improve access to quality education but this is to be done without risking the lives of the children. Access to quality education now transcends brick and mortar schools; the virtual learning environment is at present considered globally as a major way to access quality education, especially in the pandemic.

Here in Nigeria, from the feedback so far, it has been observed that many Nigerians including government officials have also come to realise the true cost of re-opening our schools in the pandemic.

Hence, the consideration to use…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper