Lebanese judge who issued ruling against US ambassador resigns


Lebanese judge who issued ruling against US ambassador for interfering in country’s internal affairs resigns

A Lebanese judge who issued a ruling against the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon and accused her of interfering in the country’s internal affairs, submitted his resignation on Tuesday, state-run news agency and a judicial source said.

Judge Mohamed Mazeh submitted his resignation to the Supreme Judicial Council as soon as he was informed that he would be the subject of a judicial investigation, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

Mazeh on Saturday issued an order banning local and foreign media outlets in the country from interviewing U.S. Ambassador Dorothy Shea for a year after her remarks against the pro-Iranian Hezbollah movement to the Saudi-owned Al-Hadath news channel.

Mazeh said the comments represented interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs, could incite sectarian strife, and threaten social peace.

According to a judicial source Mazeh was referred to the Judicial Inspection Authority because he caused a diplomatic spat between Lebanon and the U.S….

Source: Vanguard Newspaper