Hushpuppi’s extradition to US


Hushpuppi’s extradition to US

By Ojelu Henry

Hushpuppi’s extradition may have been made possible through a formal application by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, as the United States of America, USA, does not have an extradition treaty with the UAE.

According to the UAE Extradition Law, a formal request must be sent by a requesting country (“Requesting Country”) to a requested country (“Requested Country”), via diplomatic channels, for the latter to surrender an accused or convicted person to the authorities of the Requesting Country.

Article 2 of the Extradition Law provides that the judicial authorities in the UAE shall extend judicial cooperation in criminal matters to Foreign Judicial Authorities, in accordance with the Extradition Law and any applicable treaties that UAE acceded and subject to reciprocal treatment.

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The FBI’s application may also have been given speedy consideration because most…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper