Tackling the plight of road sweepers


road sweepers

ONE of the ways of keeping our urban roads clean is through the employment of daily road sweepers. These “highway managers” also help to control the indiscriminately-dumped wastes by our undisciplined road users to ensure they do not block the drains and worsen flooding.

In states like Lagos, the engagement of road managers is also a commendable means of giving unskilled labourers, especially the womenfolk, a means of livelihood. They are some of the lowest-ranked public sector workers who risk their lives keeping our cities clean and healthy.

In a recent viral video, some Lagos road sweepers were seen dumping their work overalls in a heap as a gesture to call the attention of the Lagos State Government to prevail on the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, LAWMA, to release their three months unpaid wages.

They complained that they had continued to work for the state even during the pandemic lockdown, which means that they are a residual part of the pandemic’s…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper