How people with diabetes cope with COVID-19 lockdown


How people with diabetes cope with COVID-19 lockdown

By Sola Ogundipe

During the three months of COVID-19 lockdown in Nigeria, it was a challenging situation for many persons suffering from chronic health conditions such as diabetes.

One of the challenges during this period was maintaining the regular checking of blood glucose levels. For many, the effort to achieve the goals of treatment is like a moving target.

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease, where patients need to keep their blood sugar level, blood pressure, lipid level, and body weight under control to prevent its long term complications and also avoiding hypoglycemia and weight gain.

Situations like the lockdown certainly worsened the control of diabetes due to many factors like non-availability of medicines and insulin injections, non-availability of consumables required for diabetes monitoring and treatment devices like glucometers, infusion pump, etc.

Changes in lifestyle and the daily schedule, stress, lack of physical activity, increased eating, etc., all…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper