The President’s Men: Working at cross purposes


Magu’s ‘Many Sins’: Insubordination, Diezani’s extradition, others
Magu (left) and Malami.

By Col Hassan Stan-Labo (rtd)

I really don’t envy Mr. President at these trying times. His team is gradually exposing its deficits in competence, leaving behind a disappointing feeling of a rudderless ship on the high seas.

70% of the cabinet members have no business being in a 21st century digital Nigerian cabinet.

For a country that is in a haste to catch up with the rest of the world, having missed out on great opportunities due to serially failed leadership and lack of vision, we should have our best hands and brains on board.

All we see is a set of disorganized retinue of aides and ministers working at cross purposes and constituting opposition to one another to the detriment of the administration.

IBRAHIM MAGU – The suspended EFCC boss under investigation connotes a big dent on the anti-corruption drive because his office is expected to be above board.

MALAMI – The AGF/Minister of Justice is at the centre of all sorts of controversies with…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper